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Get real time recognition for extra-curricular skills and knowledge. There's a story behind every badge which you can share with future educators, employers and collaborators.

How can earning digital badges boost your career?

Digital badges are micro-credentials which can demonstrate that you've gained a range of experiences during your education. Each badge is a chance to show you're someone who goes the extra mile in areas such as digital skills, building communities, volunteering, mentoring and more.

Show your work

Every digital badge comes with metadata baked in which describes exactly what you did to earn it

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Start a badging pathway - a series of connected badges leading to bigger opportunities

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Share your accomplishments on social media, LinkedIn or with printable certificates

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FAQs for Badge Earners

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual symbol to show a specific achievement. Every badge carries important metadata including a name, description, information about its issuer and a link to detailed criteria for earning the badge.

By earning a digital badge, you can demonstrate that you've accomplished something. A Backpack full of badges is a track record that can help you demonstrate your motivation, ambition and skill.

For more info, read the "What are Open Badges?" article on Badgr's knowledge base.  

How do I earn a badge?

Every digital badge comes with criteria on how to earn it. There are a variety of "issuers" across the university group who set their own earning criteria for each badge, so you'll have to look at the issuer's badges individually to see what's involved in earning them.

To earn a badge, you'll need to visit Coventry's page on Badgr, where you can view all badges, see what the criteria is and contact the relevant issuer to start earning badges.

Where are my digital badges stored?

The Coventry University Group uses a platform called Badgr to issue and store digital open badges. Every badge you earn through Badgr (or any open badge provider) can be stored in your Backpack. If you have access to Badgr, you can login to access your Backpack

How do I share my badges?

You can share your badges individually, or you can create and share collections of badges to demonstrate your achievements. This can be done be generating a link, sharing to social media or LinkedIn or by embedding directly in a website (such as a Coventry.Domains portfolio).

For more information, see Badgr's sharing guide in their knowledge base.

Can I print my badge as a certificate?

Yes! To view or print your badge in certificate format, just login to your Badgr account, select a badge and click Print Certificate on the right. Check out the page on printing certificates in Badgr's knowledge base for more information.

How do I embed a badge in my email signature?

It's possible to embed your badge in an email signature so that the recipient will be able to see the badge and click through to a public page which describes the badge you've earned.

Watch a quick video on how to embed a badge to your email signature (you must sign in with your university credentials to view):

Embedding Badges in Your Email Signature (Outlook)

Who’s managing this programme?

The digital badging/micro credentialing programme was introduced to the university by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. While badges will eventually be managed at the department/faculty level, you can still get in touch the DMLL for help and advice.

Any questions?

Digital badges are a relatively new initiative in the Coventry University Group, so we understand you may have some questions or need some help with earning and sharing your badges. If your badge issuer can't answer your question, feel free to drop us a line and we'll try to help.