You've earned a digital badge!

Now what?

Congrats! Digital badges are a way you can show educators, employers and collaborators that you went the extra mile to achieve something. When shared digitally, people will be able to click through to see exactly what you did to earn your badge so they can understand its value.

We're going to walk you through some of our favourite ways to tell the world about what you've achieved. 


Showcase your achievements on the world's largest professional network


Add key badges you want to highlight right in your email signature

Share on social media

Spread the world with friends, family and others about your skills


Generate a good old fashioned certificate you can hang on the wall

What are badges? And what can you do with them?

In this video, Noah explains a bit more about what digital badges are and how you can share them as social media posts, LinkedIn profile certifications or print them as certificates.







Share badges on your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the World's largest professional network, which makes it the perfect place for you to showcase your work. You can share badges in your feed, but these easily get lost, so the recommended approach is to include badges to your profile as certifications.

The process involves logging into your LinkedIn account as well as your Badgr backpack so you can insert the URLs of your badges and save them as certifications in LinkedIn.

There's a full guide on the Badgr knowledge base. Follow this link and look for the section called Adding badges to your LinkedIn Certifications

Sharing your badges on LinkedIn
Badgr - adding a linkedin certification
badgr social media share

Share badges on social media

As soon as you've earned a badge, you can share it with your network to let them know about your achievements.

Increasingly, employers are vetting their job candidates on social media, so spending some time to talk about your personal and professional goals as well as share your achievements (and sharing the achievements of others) goes a long way to demonstrating your passion, motivation and work ethic.

You can even share your badges directly from your Badgr backpack which will link back to the badge's meta information showing exactly how your badge was earned.

Sharing your badges on social media

Other ways to use your badge

Print your badge as a certificate

Would your badge look better as a piece of A4 on you wall? Or perhaps you need to get a PDF of a certificate (rather than a link to a badge) as a requirement for attending some training?

With Badgr, any badge you earn can also be exported as a PDF or a printed certificate to showcase your work.
How to print your badge as a certificate

Add it to your email signature

If you have a few badges that you're particularly proud of, you can include them in your email signature so that people you contact can get a better picture of who you are.

You wouldn't add every badge you have here, but somewhere between one and four badges at the bottom of your emails can help to showcase your professionalism.
Adding your badges in Outlook (video)

Embed it to a website

If you have an online portfolio, you can probably embed badge information right into a webpage. With Coventry.Domains, for example, you can embed things using the html block in the WordPress editor.

First, you need to get the HTML embed code for your badge, which you can grab from your Badgr backpack... look for the section called Sharing via embed here
Getting embed codes from Badgr
Online Ambassador Badge

Online Welcome Ambassador Badge

“It is an amazing and very helpful addition to my professional profile, and I am happy to be able to share it on my Linkedin profile and add it to my CV”.

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Student - BA Management and Leadership

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