Reward progress
with digital badges

Become a badge issuer to create and award open badges to motivate your students and help them to acheive their goals.

How can badges help your students?

Boost motivation

Digital badges are a tangible way of marking student achievement and progress. They're a great way of recognising work that isn't necessarily part of their core curricular studies.

Help your students stand out

The requirements a student has met can be viewed directly on the verified badge within a student's account. This helps students to stand out to employers.

Create learning pathways

With Badgr,  multiple badges can be linked together into pathways. These pathways create a clear route for developing valuable skills and experience.

Learn how to create and award your first badge...
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Watch a team member from the DMLL walk you through setting up your first programme in Badgr from start to finish.

Get started today

Staff from faculties and departments across the university are starting to create their own programmes for recognising student acheivement.

Check to see if your team is issuing badges on the Coventry University Badgr page
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Check to see if you can be an issuer

Check the Coventry University page on Badgr to see if your team is already an issuer. If not, get in touch with us using the contact form below to request access to Badgr.

Once you have access, you'll need to get some training. Have a look at the list of different roles in Badgr and the training you'll need for each one.

Create a badge

Once your team is set up as an issuer, you’ll be able to create your first badge. Pick the most relevant badge category, level (1-4) and enter the criteria earners must meet to get the award. Use our Badge Planning Worksheet to clarify what will make your badge unique!

Award your badge

Once your student has submitted their evidence of meeting your criteria, you’ll be able to submit this, along with their details to the platform, and the badge is theirs! You can award badges individually or even bulk award badges to an entire cohort by uploading a CSV file.

Turn badges into learning journeys with Pathways

Our subscription to Badgr comes with the ability for issuers to create Learning Pathways. This allows you to link together the badges you create into unique and easy-to-understand journeys for your learners.

You can also include badges awarded by other issuers inside our organization and even those awarded by third parties online or in our local community. This is a great way to offer students a broad experience and recognize a variety of achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can issue badges?

To issue badges on the platform, you just need to register your department as an issuer. This can be an entire faculty, or something smaller like a school, business unit, research unit or similar. It's a new initiative, but if you're a member of a faculty, it's worth checking with your Associate Head or similar to see if there's already a registered issuing body you can join.

How can I request a new badge?

Interested in creating a brand-new badge? While it's possible to create a new issuer, it's often easier to create a new badge under an existing one. If you have a great idea for a new badge you'd like to award students, you can fill in our New Badge Request Form and a member of the Education Technology team will put you in touch with someone who can help.

How do I set the criteria for a badge?

The guidelines on badge critera are still being set, but your badge should fall into one of the  six categories mentioned on this page: Innovation, Global, Community, Professional, Health or Digital. To help you decide what your badge will be and how it will help earners, use our Badge Planning Worksheet. You can also get in touch with us if you have any questions using the form below.

Do I need approval from my faculty or deparment leader?

Digital badges are a new programme at Coventry University, so it's worth checking with your Associate Head or equivalent role to see if there's a strategy or existing system for using digital badges in your area.

How can I get trained on the platform?

Business Leads, Badge Creators and others can get training depending on what role they will have on the platform. Training is provided directly by Badgr.

For more information, see our Training page.

Is this just for students?

While the programme has been developed with students in mind, there's scope to issue badges for any member of the institution. If you'd like to discuss starting a badging programme aimed at staff, then get in touch using the contact form below. 

Where do I get the badge design files?

There are images for levels 1 to 4 for each of the 6 badge categories above (24 in total). If your department is already a verified issuer, someone  in your team should have access to these, but if not, contact us using the form below and we'll send them to you.

Who’s managing this programme?

The digital badging/micro credentialing programme was introduced to the university by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. While badges will eventually be managed at the department/faculty level, you can still get in touch the DMLL for help and advice.

Get in touch

Whether you need access to the Badgr platform to register your team as an issuer - or if you just have some questions about badges, the team at Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab are here to help. Just fill out the form, and a member of the team will get back to you soon.