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Business Roles

Activities and Responsibilities

Training Plan

The sponsor has a critical role as part of the governance board of Digital Credentials. They are accountable for ensuring Digital Credentials is governed effectively and delivers the objectives that meet identified needs.
Business Owner
The Business Owner is the Digital Credentials Product Owner. They are responsible for maintaining the relationship with suppliers, reviewing the contract, approving Business Areas and appointing Business Leads.

Responsible for the alignment of KPI’s to business Programmes Objectives (Graduate Attributes).
Business Area
The Business Area is the Issuing department with its own issuing account. This is either a Faculty or a Professional Services Area.
Senior Business Lead
The Senior Business Lead acts as an advisory for the Business Lead(s) and Business Area(s). They are responsible for creating Business Areas and may also be responsible for adding or removing staff from the Issuing account/Business Area. They are also responsible for providing Metrics on the platform and usage.
Business Lead
The Business Lead is responsible for managing the Issuing account or 'brand’ from which badges are issued. They are also responsible quality control and for adding/removing staff from the Issuing account/Business Area.
Badge Creator
The Badge Creator creates the badge content. They are responsible for editing an issuing account/Business Area, creating groups, creating and editing badges and pathways.
Badge Awarder
The Badge Awarder is responsible for assigning groups to pathways and awards badges to learners (Badge Earners).
Badge Earner
The Badge Earner earns badges and can complete pathways. This can be a student, a staff member or an external user.