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Digital badges are a new way for Coventry staff and students to showcase their achievements. Educators can set the criteria and award badges using Badgr - an easy-to-use digital credentialing system.
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What are digital badges?

Digital badges (specifically open digital badges) are micro credentials people can earn for meeting the criteria for that badge. Badge earners can keep all of their acheivements in one place and showcase them to employers and collaborators.

It’s a great way to recognise skills-based acheivement that goes beyond (and pairs well with) a typical university qualification.







Digital badges are being used by universities all over the UK

Online Ambassador Badge

Online Welcome Ambassador Badge

“It is an amazing and very helpful addition to my professional profile, and I am happy to be able to share it on my Linkedin profile and add it to my CV”.

Alexandra Nebancea

Student - BA Management and Leadership

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